Thank you for your interest in the Volunteer Teachers’ scheme. Volunteers are a key part of our effort to provide short term support teachers in our Junior & Senior Secondary Schools.

Objective of Lagos Eko Project
The overall development objective of the Lagos Eko Project is to improve the quality of public junior and senior secondary education in Lagos State. The Project is to assist the State to improve the performance of secondary school students.

Why Volunteer Teachers Scheme?
The Volunteer Teachers’ Scheme is designed to complement teachers’ efforts in public secondary schools. The scheme is not to replace teachers or take - over any teaching vacancies, it is aimed at providing extra support to teaching in schools.

What Kind of Support Will Be Provided?
Volunteers will be trained. There will be policies and procedures in place to guide your work and help you to enjoy your volunteering experience.

  • Training
  • On job support
  • Transportation allowance

Volunteer Role Required

  • English Teachers
  • Maths
  • Basic Science
  • Biology
  • Life Skills (Goal setting, Decision making, Self Esteem, Time Management, Communication Skills, Citizenship, value, etc)

How to Apply
Applicants should complete the electronic application form by clicking HERE. Applicants must fill all the fields. *Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview.

For further information,, please contact:

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Batch 2 Registration Started

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